Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"How Annoying!"

A friend of mine called me a couple of weeks ago to vent about the things her husband does that annoy her. She told me about how he always leaves his toothpaste spit in the sink, and how he leaves the toilet seat up, and how he talks while he's chewing, how he never takes the kids off her hands for a few hours when he gets home from work... She finished up the conversation with, "Do you know what I mean?!"
I thought for a minute before I answered her. And to be honest, I don't know what she means. I suppose that one of the positive side effects of being a military wife is that you aren't so easily bugged by trivial things like that.
I think right now I would give anything to see my husband's toothpaste spit in the sink, or to have to put the toilet seat down after him! I have learned very quickly not to take the time that I have with my sweet husband for granted. I guess there is a certain fondness I have developed for the things that he does that may annoy other people. Maybe because I don't always know when he'll be home again, and know how much I'll miss those things while he is gone. And wherever he is, I hope he's missing my annoying little things too.

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